Making HR policies accessible

Standard forms and templates

As well as HR policies and procedures, we supply a library of standard HR forms and template letters.  This means you can easily implement personnel procedures by having the right form available for employees to download in Word or PDF (read-only) format.  No longer a queue of people, voicemail messages or e-mails asking for a holiday form, sickness self-certification or the appraisal documentation - right now!

We use Word Forms to make the standard forms and letters simple to complete and difficult to mess up.  For those complex letters, such as confirmation of Maternity Leave with the various dates and rates of pay or allowances,  we incorporate VBA macro code to do the calculation behind the scenes to save you time and risk of mistakes.

If there are forms not in our standard library, we can add them for you through our competitive pricing structure.  You save valuable staff time and produce professional documents quickly and reliably.