Making HR policies accessible

1. Introduction

The aim of this policy is to clarify what procedures will be followed in the event of redundancies becoming unavoidable within ORGANISATION.  Every effort will be made to ensure that redundancies will be avoided, but we have to accept that there could be circumstances beyond the organisation's control which could result in a reduced demand for our services.

2. Scope

This policy and procedure will apply in the unfortunate situation of an individual or group of staff being considered for redundancy.  The policy and procedure aims to comply with current UK employment legislation and good practice.  It will be subject to regular review especially in response to changes in relevant legislation.

3. Procedure

3.1. Avoidance of redundancies

In the event of a reduction in funding or other event serious enough to require a reduction in working hours or number of staff employed, our first step will be to consider organisational ways of adjusting to the reduction. This will include:

  • reducing costs where possible;
  • reducing the number of any short-term temporary or agency staff;
  • bringing work in-house, rather than using contractors, where this is possible;
  • redesigning jobs and reorganising work;
  • asking for volunteers to work part-time or job-share;
  • considering any other proposals put forward.

As an alternative to redundancy, ORGANISATION reserves the right after consultation, to lay off employees or introduce short-time working.  This may happen if there are short-term problems such as reduced funding, a shortage of work, breakdown of equipment, not being able to use the premises, and limited cash flow.  ORGANISATION reserves the right to seek individual agreement with you to suspend or reduce pay as an alternative to permanent redundancy.

If we are unable to achieve the required savings by reorganising we would ask for volunteers for redundancy.  However, ORGANISATION reserves the right to refuse to agree to make someone redundant if it is not in our interests to do so.

3.2. Consultation

In the event of compulsory redundancies being unavoidable ORGANISATION will consult employees and any appointed representatives about:

  • redundancies proposed;
  • reasons for the proposals;
  • number and descriptions of employees who it is proposed to make redundant;
  • total number of employees of that type employed in the organisation;
  • proposed method of selecting the employees for redundancy;
  • how the redundancies will be carried out;
  • how any redundancy payments will be calculated.


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