Making HR policies accessible

1. Introduction

Some people are automatically entitled to work in the UK. Others may have restrictions on how long they can stay, whether they can work or the type of work they can do.  The HR Officer in liaison with the line manager is required  to check the entitlement to work in the UK of every worker employed by ORGANISATION - regardless of their race, ethnic or national origin, colour or nationality.

Failure to follow this checking procedure and employment of someone who is found to be an illegal worker may lead to a civil penalty, an unlimited fine and/or a criminal offence.


2. Scope

This procedure applies to all new ORGANISATION employees before the Employment Agreement can be issued and before they start work.  


3. Procedure

The list of acceptable documents in the Appendix gives details of how to comply with the laws on checking the entitlement of prospective applicants to work in the UK.  Workers from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland can legally come to the UK to work through the points-based system.


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