Making HR policies accessible

1. Introduction

A structured induction programme needs to be arranged for all new employees by their line manager with support from the HR Officer to ensure that the new employee settles down as quickly as possible and to ensure that he/she feels welcome.

2. Procedure

The HR Officer should ensure that all departments have been notified of the date of arrival of the new employee.

The HR Officer will meet the new employee on their first day at work and brief them on the following as well as provide them with a copy or access to the Staff Handbook: -

  • Pension Fund
  • Medical Aid
  • Accident Cover/Insurance
  • Hours of work
  • Leave Regulations
  • Disciplinary/Grievance Procedure
  • Safety Regulations
  • Welfare policies

The HR officer will  ensure that the following forms have been completed by the new employee and a personal file opened in the new employee's name:

  • P45 or P46 form
  • Copies of ID's / Birth Certificates of employee
  • Educational qualification certificates
  • Bank details for salary payments


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