Making HR policies accessible

1.  Introduction

ORGANISATION recognises the value of having a diverse group of people involved in and representing the organisation and wishes to use the differences that people bring with them as a resource in furtherance of our business and objectives.  ORGANISATION sees diversity as the visible and invisible differences between people - such as gender, race, ethnic or national origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, age, social class, language, religion or belief, trade union membership, education and family/marital status - and recognises that these differences can lead to different ways of thinking, behaving, communicating and working.  ORGANISATION believes that these differences enrich the organisation and increases its ability to work creatively and effectively.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all ORGANISATION employees and all contractors who provide a service to the organisation.  Temporary workers will also be expected to abide by this policy.

3. Procedure

ORGANISATION will work to ensure that all its employees and workers have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential in carrying out their activities.

ORGANISATION will not tolerate:

  • any unlawful or unjustifiable acts of discrimination
  • any form of harassment or victimisation on any grounds.

Where any such discrimination or harassment occurs or is alleged to have occurred action will be taken under the Disciplinary Procedure.  If upheld resulting sanctions may include dismissal.

All applicants will be invited to complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form.  This must be detached from the Application Form before the selection process and short-listing of candidates begins.  It should not be referred to by recruiting managers.


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