Making HR policies accessible

Technical information

We are HR professionals with some IT expertise. Our aim is to enable you to make your HR policies and procedures accessible to all your staff.  So the Staff Handbook format is designed to do just that.  We welcome your feedback on how to improve the format and accessibility.

We use Joomla open source software.  Joomla is one of the world's leading content management systems (CMS).  Open source means that it is continually being developed by a user community and is supplied at no licence cost.  It is totally legitimate to use the software for any of our clients at no licence cost to you.  The only proviso is that we must continue to display the GNU/GPL licence agreement at the foot of each page.

Joomla uses SQL databases with PHP admin.  Your Staff Handbook includes a number of additional open source extensions for increased functionality.  Joomla is automatically updated with new versions.

You have full super administrator rights to the 'back end' of your sub domain site.  That means you can edit content, add or subtract menus and change the layout.  You allocate users as you wish.  So all users can see all content or you can decide to restrict certain content to specific users (for example, some forms to members of the HR team).

The editors are WYSIWYG, similar to Word, and easy to master.  We are happy to demonstrate how to administer the Staff Handbook site and provide a Help website as well as start-up notes.  You can of course also access the Joomla website and help forum.

We use UK based servers with a very good record of 'up-time'.  The servers are configured to take regular back-ups in case of data loss or data corruption.

We offer a well-proven software system and structure.  However significant IT problems are outside our remit and you will need to call on your own IT Support for problems with your own system and infrastructure.

If you have any questions about the system or specification required, you can contact us through the Contact Form.


Pricing information

The price you pay for your own Staff Handbook depends on a number of factors.

If you need a basic set of HR Policies and Procedures, the price starts at £50 per month.  A subscription includes hosting of your own unique and secure Staff Handbook branded with your company or organisation colours and logo and our updating service as employment legislation changes.  The price you pay is subject to negotiation and a minimum length of contract.

If you already have your own Staff Handbook with all necessary forms and templates, then the cost for the initial set-up to create an on-line version starts at £250.  The price is subject to increase where printed content exceeds 100 A4 pages.  All content material must be provided in Word 2003, Word 2007 or Open Office Writer format, except for content for download only which can be in Word or PDF format.  Hosting of your own Staff Handbook without updates costs £50 per year payable in advance.

We offer a subscription service, providing you with necessary updates so that you remain compliant with current employment legislation for a small monthly fee.

We will consider discounted prices for not-for-profit organisations.

You can contact us through the e-mail form or by phone.  Details are on the Contact Us page.