Making HR policies accessible

When you have a Staff or Employee Handbook, you want people to use it. Ideally your Handbook needs to be:

  • Easy and fast for staff to find what they are looking for
  • Searchable
  • Accessible to all
  • Simple to update
  • Only one current version

So why not put it on-line as a web version?

If your organisation or company has an intranet, you probably do that already.  But what if you don't have an intranet?  Or it's too slow? Or you want people to be able to access the Staff Handbook from the privacy of their own home? Or your IT department have too much else to do when you need to quickly update something in the handbook or add another form?

We can provide you with your own customised Staff Handbook on-line within a few days.  It's secure with your own web address and staff are required to log in to access the Handbook.  You can also host the Staff Handbook on your own internal network if you prefer.


  • you save on printing costs and the environmental impact of hard copies
  • you can update anything easily or subscribe to our updating services so that we do that for you
  • any subject can be searched for quickly using the in-built search function or a Google search module
  • you are assured that people are only using the latest versions
  • people can download, e-mail or print only what they need and when they need it
  • there is less strain on the HR team for routine enquiries which are easily answered by searching on-line
  • web-based documents can be accessed by any employee with a visual impairment
  • on-line Staff Handbooks can be accessed by any employee with an internet connection - working from regional or international offices or working from home
  • employees can access sensitive information from the privacy of their own home
  • you can upload and edit your own policies and forms easily to add to standard HR policies and procedures
  • you control access to who can see what, through the use of secure passwords with variable rights
  • you can customise the look of the Staff Handbook with your own company or organisation branding and colours
  • there are no adverts, banners or other distractions in your Staff Handbook


We can host your Staff Handbook with a web address that is exclusive to you.

The site is hosted on servers that are fast, reliable and located in the UK.  We use Joomla open source software so there is no added cost for software licences. You have full super administrator rights of your site.  More detailed technical information is provided on a separate page.

As an alternative, we supply the necessary database and content files for you to upload to your own intranet if you do have one and prefer that approach. 


An indication of costs is provided on the Price Information page.  Actual costs will depend on your specific situation - especially whether you already have a comprehensive set of HR policies and procedures or if you want us to provide user-friendly and currently compliant policies and procedures with the relevant forms.  We do offer discounts to registered charities and the not-for-profit sector. Contact us to discuss your needs and for an accurate cost quotation. 

Demonstration site

Have a look round this demo site and then contact us to set up your own Staff Handbook. We have provided a sample of HR Policies and Procedures in a simple framework that we find user-friendly and easily navigable.  Only some policies and procedures have been provided and none are complete.  The aim is to give you an indication of what your on-line Staff Handbook could look like and how it could be used.

Please note that we have deleted the usual log-in form for ease of access to this demonstration site.  All content would usually be protected by a log-in that you would give to employees to access your Staff Handbook.  You can have one generic log-in and password or issue every individual with a unique user name and password, which is a straight-forward process.

About us

3D HR are consultants who offer advice, support and training in Human Resources Management. There is information about our experience and background from the Contact Us page. 

We are Human Resources Management professionals with some expertise in IT and website design. We are not IT professionals or certified web-masters.  Our aim is to enable you to provide accessible HR policies and procedures for your employees in a user-friendly system that you can administer and control without having to call on IT support.


NOTE: the policies and procedures included in this website are for demonstration only, are incomplete and should not be used in any organisation or company.